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Ajisen Ramen is a Japan-based chain of fast food restaurants selling Japanese ramen noodle soup dishes. The company's logo, featuring artwork of a little girl named Chii-chan, can be found on their stores and products. Outside of Japan, Ajisen Ramen has outlets in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United States. There are over 800 Ajisen Ramen restaurants.


The word "Ajisen" means a thousand tastes in Japanese. The flagship brand of Japan Foods, "Ajisen Ramen" originated from Kumamoto, Japan, in 1968. Known for its rich and aromatic soup base which is derived from hours of boiling pork bones, Ajisen offers a wide selection of ramen to cater to discerning customers. With over 800 shops worldwide, it is an internationally recognised brand with presence in countries such as Japan, China and the United States.

1968 - Pork bone white soup based Tonkotsu ramen from Kurume, Fukuoka was modified with garlic flavour by a Hakka person from Meinong, Taiwan in Kumamoto, Japan. He is the founder Takaharu Shigemitsu (Japanese: 重光孝治), or original name Liu Tan Hsiang (Chinese: 劉壇祥).

1972 – Shigemitsu Industry Co., Ltd. was incorporated and a noodle and soup factory was established. Franchising was started by the company.

1994 – The first oversea joint venture business was started at Taipei, Taiwan. It ended three years later without success.

1996 – With the death of Takaharu Shigemitsu, his son Katsuaki Shigemitsu took over the business. Poon Wai (Chinese: 潘魏) opened the first store in Hong Kong under license of Ajisen Ramen.

2007 – Ajisen Ramen (China) Ltd. was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The soup base of Japanese ramen is separated into two factions, the north and the south. The soup of northern faction is mainly salty soup base, mainly consist of seafood, chicken and vegetable to boil until the colour of soup turned into shallow yellow. On the other hand, the soup of southern faction which is from Kyushu uses the pork bone soup base, mainly boil pork bone with other ingredi- ents for hours until the colour became to milky white--it also called "White Soup". This soup of southern faction is with fully collagens nutritive value, the taste turned out to be very excellent. Ajisen Ramen's soup base is proud be named "the King of White Soup".